In clean style we trust. In Flash we believe. We worship style and imagination. We love and we design.

DesignTermite is a New York website design company creating cool web sites with great design concepts behind.

We design quite everything, from stylish logos and smart printed ads to business website designs, flash portfolio galleries with ecommerce function and fully manageable flash web designs integrated with the admin area. Unlike many others graphic design companies in New York we do not strive to complete as many projects as possible, we design with soul and every project is very unique for us.

Professional web design is a beautiful balloon that can take your website up and high in the sky.

We design the best and most balloony balloons and offer first-class website design content instead of the helium. We are nimble as children, creative as Michelangelo, secure as James Bond and reliable as Batman. If you are looking for a New York web design firm - Design Termite is at your service!

Website design by Design Termite is 60% custom.

30% based on your requirements and 10% of the world best online web design practices. We will mix a perfect cocktail for you, the best Mojito you've ever tasted.